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Easy to use

myCam uses a single button to operate. Recordings can be self-triggered or automatically when the abnormal heart rhythm is detected.

Small and concealable

It is small and clips easily onto 2 electrodes. A better wear means better follow-through to the reporting.

ECG of actual events 
can be collected

Records the ECG of the events that actually occurred for analysis and 

lead to better diagnosis.

Innovative Cardiovascular Monitoring Technology



Simply clip on to the 2 electrodes, myCam recorder can be used continuously for up to 30 days with no need to replace the batteries. It's small and light, and you won’t even feel it’s there.


The unique auto-trigger enables automatic recording of asymptomatic events detected by the algorithm for atrial fibrillation, tachycardia, bradycardia, and pauses; or you can self-trigger recordings when you’re feeling unwell.


Send the recording through a phone call, or through the APP to our cloud-based web portal. The ECG is secure and accessible to your doctors or medical professionals to review and to print reports from anywhere, anytime.

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