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Yes, you can.

  • Keep your electrodes on – just disconnect the red and white lead wires from your myCam. Leave myCam in a safe (and dry) place

  • Enjoy your shower or bath and be careful not to scrub your electrodes! Pat your electrodes
    gently with a towel to dry them.

  • Reconnect the leads and you’re good to go.

No, you must disconnect it from the electrodes before you shower. Your electrodes are waterproof and will survive a shower if you don’t scrub them.

Don’t worry about sweat or splashes or a few drops of rain – 

myCam can handle these.

Press the red record button whenever you feel the symptoms which are bothering you. This is different for everyone, and could be dizziness, palpitations, fainting, tightness, chest pain etc.

You are in charge here – you have to press the button if you want to show the doctor what you are feeling. All the recordings have a time/date so you can go back to your doctor and say “This symptom happened on Wednesday morning at 11am” and your doctor can see exactly which one it was on the report.

myCam is actually monitoring your ECG all the time. When you press the record button, it will keep the last 40 seconds before you pressed the button and then start recording the next 40 seconds.

Yes, you should.

You need to have it on and ready to record whenever your symptoms happen – which could be at any time.

In addition to recording when you press the red button, my Cam is actually monitoring your ECG at all times and will record symptoms which may be abnormal, yet you may not actually feel or be aware of. This often turns up important information and is very useful for catching items that are not accompanied by symptoms.

Also, you should wear it when you are sleeping in the event that ECG changes are occurring that you might not feel.

Electrodes should be changed every 2 – 3 days, and of course should be replaced if one falls off.

If you get red marks from the electrodes just put the new one next to where the old one was.

Generally it is best to send every day. This keeps memory available for additional recordings so you can always record your ECG when you feel symptoms.

Your myCam memory may have filled up overnight while you were sleeping, so it’s a good idea to send in the morning.

You will hear a long 5 seconds beep and the red light will illuminate, this means the memory is full. Disconnect the leads and send the recordings over the telephone. After transmitting the memory is clear and you can continue recording any time you feel symptoms.

Disconnect one of the leads. myCam will play the “goodbye – I’m disconnected” sound. After that it will beep/flash to tell you how many recordings are in the memory. One beep = one recording. Two beeps = two recordings, etc.

For downloading the Android App, you need to access the Google PLAY Store on your Smart Phone.

1.  Search for My-Cardia.
2. Download the App with myCam picture
3. Register your name and Birth date.
4. You are now ready to go!

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